Welcome to English with Mrs. O’Grady (formerly Ms. Martinez)

Course Description: What Are We Going To Do Video? 

What makes literature an art are the multiple meanings that stories can have and the journey of self-exploration that you will experience when you let your imagination and intellect come to life. We will be reading short stories, novels, poetry, non-fiction and drama; doing creative, descriptive, narrative, and persuasive writing; working in small groups to revise our first drafts of writing assignments; and working to develop research skills and a sense of style in our writing. In addition, we will polish final products for assessment and presentation in portfolios. Using Chromebooks, we will learn new ways to enhance all of our communication skills. As powerful as computers are, other tools will further our progress. Writing Workshops and Socratic Seminars will develop and sharpen your thinking skills. Last but not least, listening and speaking is a major part of this class: you will discuss your opinions, support your point of view with evidence, and give presentations of various styles throughout the semester